Plan, compare prices and purchase textbooks online: this is how we organize the “back to school”, according to a survey


Eye-catching ads, early purchase offers, succulent promotions … almost all of the malls and neighborhood stores have been dumped at the beginning of September classes. However, in 41 percent of cases parents prefer to purchase textbooks through the Internet.

This is one of the data that the survey “Back to school 2019” carried out during the month of June by the comparator SaveInBooks, but there is more. We share them!

Plan, compare and buy online

According to a study conducted by AhorraEnLibros among 1,600 families with school-age children, 70 percent of parents began planning to return to school for our children in advance, with only five percent being the percentage of families that do not plan and decides to acquire textbooks at the last moment.

The planning of purchases of books and school supplies would happen, first, by the price comparison made by 40 percent of the families, with the aim of ensuring the greatest possible savings in the so-called “September cost”.

And it is that going back to school is a very heavy expense for families, although this usually varies depending on the academic stage of the children. Thus, according to the survey, parents with children in ESO spend an average of 290 euros on books, followed by the 280 euros spent on Primary and 226 euros on Early Childhood Education.

Once the prices in physical stores and online are compared, 41 percent of parents opt for the purchase of books through the Internet, with Amazon, La Casa del Libro, and El Corte Ingl├ęs being the preferred sites. The neighborhood bookstores would occupy the second position with 22 percent, while large stores are the alternative chosen by 14 percent of the parents.

In addition, and as a novelty compared to previous years, the tablet and iPhone are becoming the preferred methods to buy online, as they provide comfort, speed, and greater accessibility when making the transaction.

Most mothers are responsible for buying books

The survey also yields an interesting fact and is the important role that mothers play in planning the return to school for children. Not surprisingly, almost 60 percent of women admit to being completely responsible for the purchase of textbooks, while in 33 percent of cases they do so with the couple.

This fact would bring to light some of what we have spoken on numerous occasions in Babies and More, and it is the mental burden that mothers assume with regard to household chores and child-rearing, although it is also fair to point out that More and more parents are involved.

Personally, I have felt very identified with the data of this survey, since I am one of the planners who acquire the books in advance, compares prices and takes care of almost all purchases. In my case, however, I usually acquire books and materials in neighborhood stores, since experience has shown me that the biggest discounts are there, apart from a personalized treatment that I can’t find anywhere else.

And you, do you identify with the data thrown by this survey?

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