Lunch box to school: what to put a child on a snack


Complete and correct nutrition is a guarantee of good health for many years. It is especially important to eat well for your child. School meals are often not as tasty and healthy as we would like them to be. In our article we will tell you what you can give your child to go to school with.

Lunch box to school is a rational solution that will allow your child to stay healthy. You can buying the best must-have based on rigorous mums testing!

Healthy eating rules for schoolchildren

A child must eat a hot breakfast before going to school. Breakfast is best served with products containing starch – potatoes, pasta and porridge.

Teach your child to eat slowly and never make him eat anything on the plate – he should eat as much as he wants.

Dieticians do not recommend giving your child packaged juices, but if you decide to give a bag of juice to school, pay attention to the inscriptions – the juice should be 100% natural and do not contain preservatives. It should be noted that the reception of juice on an empty stomach is undesirable, especially in the case of orange juice, which can irritate the stomach mucosa. Children with excess weight can be given juice every 10-14 days.

The interval between meals in school-age children should not exceed 4 hours, a long interval can lead to stagnation of bile. It is good if the school organizes a full hot meal, but even this pleasant fact does not always help – today there is a significant increase in the number of children suffering from various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which do not fit food from the public. To avoid health problems, do not let your child go to a sweet school, bakery, chips and crackers. An overdose of sweets can disrupt metabolic processes and can cause diabetes mellitus.

Give up sausage products and butter sandwiches. It is enough that such a sandwich a child can eat for breakfast.

School snack

For primary school children, choose bright boxes for school lunches, divided into several parts. You can easily place sandwiches, dried fruits, vegetables and fruits in this container. When choosing a lunch box, note if it opens easily. Remember that the change in school lasts 10-15 minutes, the child should not waste time trying to open the package. When collecting school lunch, remember that children love to share with friends! The main rule of the school lunch box is that the smaller the portion, the more diverse the menu will be.

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