“I warned him, they looked the other way”


Taking one’s life is the most desperate limit option of any person and when it is also a child who does it because they can no longer with the bullying to which they are subjected, the pain of loss is even greater.

It is not the first case, but it does not stop surprising us (and in my case even anger) for not being able to avoid it.

This week we knew the sad news that a 13-year-old teenager had run down a cliff in the Biscay municipality of La Galea. After several years of bullying in a school in Erandio, the mother wrote a letter on Facebook in 2017. Yesterday, he republished it with this hard comment: “I warned him, they looked the other way …”.

In the complete letter that we reproduce here, the mother explains how they beat, insulted and humiliated her son and everything was in an “it’s a child’s thing !!!”.

“How to express how I feel? After seven years of seeing how your son is beaten, insulted and humiliated at school just listen to my ears, it’s a matter of children! Total? And what do you want me to do? You don’t like it? You know, and countless more excuses to get back to the same starting point year after year. In June life ends and in September you have to start from scratch.

How can they pretend that parents forget what their child is suffering and that the child goes to school happy? They are paradoxes of life that my head does not understand. They break your tooth and tell you that it has fallen! Your son is hit in class and that is impossible until he has witnessed! Consequence!!!! Missing for your son to be in a fight.

Your son comes out with the neck with the blood of the colleges that have given him in a class change and that is that the other child is going through a bad season. Even when? The education inspector tells you that the problem is that your son goes with his sister to class! Forgives??? Who do they want to laugh at?

This is a Marist school! Well imagine what kind of students there is that in less than a week the measure that some teachers have put is to punish the whole class after school, is that legal? The solution is to run away from the problem? What does my child learn if I teach him that instead of trying to fix a problem you have to run away from him? I must conclude by saying that thank God there is a teacher in that school who cares about the students, so there are professors with a vocation. “

The response of the center and the authorities

In her last post on Facebook, the mother includes the response given by the center, led by these harsh words:

“There is no blinder than he who does not want to see! David was fighting against Goliath, this time David lost. Nothing and no one is going to give me back my son.”

The school, where the alleged abuses were committed, said they felt “very much the pain of their family and if there is anything we can do for them they know that they can count on our solidarity, support, and respect for their privacy and their privacy at all times son”.

In addition, as reported, they did not pay attention to the inspection bodies, although he made different complaints.

The Basque Minister of Security, Estefanía Beltrán de Heredia, admitted their existence and said yesterday that “all lines of research are still open.”

According to EFE, official sources explained to the news agency that the teenager “was in a school where he got good grades and was well integrated, although he had studied in previous courses at another school where he had suffered relationship problems with some of his classmates “.

It is already late for this Getxo boy, but not for the rest of the children and young people who face bullying in Spain, a plague that according to studies begins to take shape in early childhood education and develops in Primary.

UNESCO figures indicate that two out of 10 schoolchildren suffer bullying, a reality that affects 246 million children and adolescents worldwide.

In Spain, the figures speak of a thousand children and adolescents a year who suffer bullying.

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