Good learning at home during preschool age benefits academic performance in adolescence


However, it is never too late to start teaching your skills at home that will help you in the future.

According to a recent study, preschoolers who receive good learning at home will benefit from their academic performance during adolescence.

Stimulating the development of our children during their first years of life is something that as parents we have the responsibility to do. Activities such as reading a book, playing, singing and talking with them may seem simple, but in reality, they do a lot for their development, and they could even benefit them when they reach adolescence.

Published in the journal School Effectiveness and School Improvement, a new investigation analyzed the positive effects of having good learning at home during the first years of the life of children, in the results they obtained in academic tests upon reaching adolescence.

In total, 554 children were followed up since they were three years old until they reached adolescence. They had annual exams of their reading and numbering skills during their three years of preschool (in which they were 3 to 5 years old) and later in early adolescence (at 12 and 13 years of age).

According to the study, preschoolers who received stimulation early by their parents at home, had better results in math tests and reading when they reached adolescence.

Specifically, they found that those children who were stimulated in terms of language, literature, and math during their preschool-age stage showed better results in reading and math skills in high school, regardless of the learning they would take at home during school. adolescence.

This study proves that despite the fact that children are young, it is never too early to start doing activities that are beneficial for their development, such as reading aloud or chatting with them even if they cannot give us extensive answers yet.

They are always attentive to what we do and in constant learning, and with this study, the importance of education at home during the first years, in the development and skills they will have in the future, is proven.

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